“To me, making a connection is essential.”

Hoogendijk created her first series of sculptures in 2020. The Ones visualizes the connection between people. The stylized figures – individual or grouped illustrate her ideas about individual strength and, more especially, her impression of the invisible dynamic between people. They are her tribute to humans seeking connection. “I’ve called them The Ones because they are human figures who are connected to and support each other to become stronger themselves. We are all individuals, One, but we do not exist alone, so The Ones.”

Just as her photographs are self-portraits, Hoogendijk also reveals herself in her bronze sculptures. They describe both a personal and a communal life process. Hoogendijk not only shows herself, she also prompts us to look at ourselves, the faceless apparitions in The Ones leaving us free to fill in the details. 

In The Ones XXL Hoogendijk explores the possibility of creating larger-than-life sculptures that stand like giant sentinels by the sea or in a park. She hopes they will prompt encounters that both overwhelm and embrace, allowing people to become one with the sculpture.

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