“The Ones” at the ECC Personal Structures Exhibition in Venice

Studio Micky Hoogendijk is delighted to present its first-ever Larger Than Life sculpture at the renowned ECC Personal Structures exhibition in Venice. This event marks a significant milestone in the artistic journey of Micky Hoogendijk, showcasing her remarkable bronze sculpture, “The Ones I”. Measuring an impressive four meters in height, this artwork is a testament to the narrative of human connections and individuality, encapsulating the themes that Hoogendijk has consistently explored in her body of work. This piece, like her other works, delves into the realms of human strength, vulnerability, and the intrinsic need for connection.

For more insights into this artwork and its importance in the broader context of the ECC Personal Structures exhibition, we encourage you to refer to the attached official press release. It provides detailed information that will be valuable for your publications and audiences.

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