Juni 2021
The College Hotel

November 2021
PAN Amsterdam vertegenwoordigd door Douwe Fine Art

November 2021
Masters Expo Amsterdam

November 2021
Nidum, Grave


Think Jazzy solo Antwerpen, Belgium July 2nd – October 4th, 2020

Nu Art & Design Woerden –  Netherlands July 11th, 2020

Loggere Willpower Landgoed Gooilust ‘s-Graveland – Netherlands June 25 – 26, 2020

Groupshow with Chris Tap ABN Amro Mees Pierson Den Haag Postponed till further notice

Groupshow Gallery Jean- Think Jazzy Antwerp December 15 – March 15 2020


Groupshow with Chris Tap ABN Amro Mees Pierson  Arnhem December 2019

Art – Karlsruhe Germany represented by Eduard Planting Gallery February 21-24

SOLO Galerie van Loon Vught, The Netherlands  March 17

SOLO “The Nudes” KunstRai April 17-22

Groupshow “Deep Water” William Turner Gallery Los Angeles May 18- July 5th

Groupshow Gallery Jean- Think Jazzy Antwerp BE May 22 

Groupshow Summer exhibition Van Loon Galleries Vught June 6- 23

Groupshow “Kracht” Vereeuwigd, Laurenskerk Rotterdam July 6 – August 30 

Groupshow “Kracht” Vereeuwigd, Martinikerk Groningen September 1 – 27

Groupshow Nu Art & Design, Woerden- Netherlands September 13 

SOLO Kostuik Gallery Vancouver  September

Groupshow “Kracht” Vereeuwigd, UMCG Groningen September 28 – October 17

Groupshow “Kracht” Vereeuwigd, St Pauluskerk Antwerpen October 20 – November 19

Micky Hoogendijk & Chris Tap, ABN Amro MeesPierson art event, Arnhem October 30 -November 3 

Groupshow “Kracht” Vereeuwigd, De Krachtcentrale Huizen November 19 – December 8 

Solo LXRY Amsterdam December 12-16


Vereeuwigd, group show, Natlab Eindoven March 9th – April 25th 2018

KunstRai Amsterdam, represented by Eduard Planting Gallery, The Netherlands April 4-8  2018

Art Breda, represented by Eduard Planting Gallery, The Netherlands, April 19-22 2018

SOLO, Oogenlust & Galerie Hans Persoon Eersel, The Netherlands
April 19th – June 19th 2018

SOLO, Female Form, Gallery Sure le Mur June 21st, July 26th 2018

SOLO, Iconic Images Gallery by Iconic Images London September 15th – October 15th 2018

Inspiration Expo with Claudia Stapel & Micky Hoogendijk, Arnhem, September 28, 29 & 30, 2018

PAN ArtFair, represented by Eduard Planting Gallery, The Netherlands November 18-25, 2018


REALISME, Artfair Amsterdam, Netherlands, January 19-22 2017

Rotterdam Contemporary, Netherlands, February 9-12 2017

Hommage to Peter Paul Huf, group show, Jaski Gallery Amsterdam, March 25-April 9th 2017

SOLO “Through The Eyes Of Others” Museum Jan van der Togt, Amstelveen, The Netherlands, April 13 -July 9 2017

Art fair KunstRai represented by Eduard Planting Fine Art Photography, Amsterdam The Netherlands May 31st till June 5th 2017

SOLO “Pure Imagination” at Women & Their Work, Austin TX, USA August 3 till September 7th 2017

SOLO, “Dutch Mistress” Sur le Mur, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles CA, USA, September 8 till October 2nd 2017

SOLO “Naakte Emotie” Museum Jan Cunen Oss, The Netherlands September 30 till February 11th 2018


REALISME Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 20-24 2016

Rotterdam Contemporary 2016, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 10-14 2016

group show “At the Core” celebrating Women’s Month, Los Angeles, March- June 2016

group show, Thomas Schoos Night Gallery, Los Angeles, February 20th 2016

LCDQ For “One of a Kind” Programs And Window Designs During LEGENDS with Kim Alexandriuk April 1st 2016

AIPAD with Verve gallery , NY Photography Show, April 14-17 2016

solo show, “Celebrating Sunlight” Bogota, Columbia, April 2016

group show Bibliotheca de Mexico with Dutch Embassy, Mexico City, opening April 27th 2016

group show, LAYER May 2016, Ibiza Span June 12-18 2016

group show, LAYER May 2016, Naarden The Netherlands June 20- 29 2016

Kunst Rai, June 2016 art fair Amsterdam, The Netherlands June 2-5 2016

solo “Wandering” Dock gallery, Rotterdam, The Netherlands June 25- August 7 2016

solo “Through the Eyes of Others, Galleria XXI, Mexico City Sept 1- Oct 15 2016

International Art Fair POP AUSTIN, TX USA, October 13-16 2016

Art Fair for Modern and contemporary Art, Cologne, Germany, October 27-30 2016

PAN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 19-27 November 2016


solo, “The Other Side of Fear is Freedom”, Eduard Planting Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 10th – March 7th 2015

Realisme Art fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 15 – 18 2015

The Contemporary Austin, Five x Seven, Austin Texas USA, February 26th 2015

Rotterdam Contemporary Art fair, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 4-8 2015

Art Breda Art Fair, Breda, The Netherlands, April 6-13 2015

solo, Catherine Couturier Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA, April 30th 2015

Kunst Rai, Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 27 – 30 2015

group, POP Austin, F1 event, Austin TX USA, October 22 – 24 2015

group, Verve Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, October 30 – January 9 2015

group, Patricia Conde Galleria, Mexico City, Mexico, November 2015

group, Holiday show at Catherine Couturier Gallery, Houston, December 2015


Davis Gallery, Austin, USA, February 22nd 2014, to April 5 2014

RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 5-9 2014

group, Juxtapose, Ultra Super New Gallery, Tokyo Japan, May 15 – June 5th 2014

Kunst Rai, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 4-9 2014


solo, Baden Baden Interior, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 1st to August 1st 2013


Art Platform Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA, September 27-30 2012

(e)merge art Fair, October 6th 2012, Washington DC, USA

Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 25-28 2012

Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 2012

Life After Football, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 13-14 2012

Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, November 22-25 2012