Micky Hoogendijk|Pure Imagination  Opening Reception: Thursday, August 3rd, 6-8pm   In Pure Imagination, Micky Hoogendijk presents portraiture reflecting the concealed vulnerability and beauty of her subjects. Her work is characterized by sharp iconic images that reveal the power of naked emotion and vulnerability through innovative printing technologies to create images with depth and richness. She questions existence and life by exploring themes such as religion, daily life, androgyny, and mythology.   Her dreamlike portraits spring from her celebration of the creative power of the imagination. Imagine how things could have been and they are there, as long as you believe. Despite the struggles and unexpected tragedies of life for which we are often unprepared by the myths imparted to us in childhood play, Hoogendijk draws inspiration from a treasured dollhouse and the music from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” These lyrics from the film encapsulate her aesthetic as a photographer: “There is no Life I know To compare with pure imagination”   Women & Their Work also proudly presents the national debut of “Through The Eyes of Others” the first book of Hoogendijk’s photographs. Micky Hoogendijk’s Pure Imagination will be on view through September 7th, 2017.  
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