El Nuevo Siglo, Bogota, Colombia

  “Celebrating Sunlight” opening at Galeria Baobab, Bogota, Colombia

ZOOM Magazine Bogota, Colombia

Bogota Press talking about the succes of the opening of “Celebrating Sunlight” at Galeria Baobab.


Nice press article about the celebration of King’s Day in Mexico City


A great review today by the wonderful people behind Lenscratch

Pure Luxe about LAYER

Foto’s van Micky Hoogendijk, beelden van Judith Wiersema en schilderijen van Lolo Loren. Drie sterke vrouwen met een passie voor kunst exposeren van 20 tot

West Hollywood The Creative City

Celebrating Women’s Month in West Holywood REGAL BLACK

The Vanity Diaries

Celebrating Women’s History Month. Women manifest: “At the Core”. On view: Regal Blond & Regal Black. Opening March 16th 5-7 PM at the Public Library

My LA Lifestyle

Laura Pardini was the first person to write about my work. We re connected in Los Angeles and she interviewed me for another blog post

MotorSport about POP Austin A satellite exhibition at the F1 track featuring Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Micky Hoogendijk. See details below…