Micky Hoogendijk exhibition ‘Living in the Layers’ at Davis Gallery, Austin

Romance, surrealism and intentional discomfort combine in the exhibition ‘Living in the Layers’ from photographer and collage artist Peggy Weiss and Dutch photographer Micky Hoogendijk. The exhibition will be on view at the Davis Gallery from February 22 until April 5, 2014.

In ‘Living in the Layers’, inspired by dreams, memories, and the vulnerability of man, Weiss and Hoogendijk take us on a journey into a surreal realm that is at once romantic and a bit unsettling. Weiss and Hoogendijk’s work leads the viewer through the layers, into the dream, and towards a renewed awareness of the ever-evolving layers in our own lives. Weiss’ collages will come to life in a new video and installation piece that will allow viewers to step into the collage and walk through the dream. Hoogendijk draws inspiration from the Dutch masters, creating portraits and images that are complex in their simplicity.

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