Micky Hoogendijk is a actress/model turned photographer. She has a passion for photographing people and specializes in nude portraits. Here’s her story…

How did your love of nude photography begin?

I always loved nude photography, but as a collector and an art dealer. For years I was running the Artclub (gallery) in the internationally acclaimed Supperclub in Amsterdam and later Los Angeles. But two months before my mother passed away in 2009, she and my fiance Adam gave me a Nikon D5000. We moved to San Francisco… that city was very inviting for photography. I spent days roaming around with my zoom lens capturing architectural images..I love lines, and later I focused on people on the street.
When we moved to LA 18 months ago I started with portraits because of my step daughter Christina (21). She and I spent days in the garden and here in the studio and these little projects brought us closer together. That experience gave me the confidence of being a photographer. You have to agree that she is the perfect model. Such a beauty! We posted the work on Micky Sees and after that jobs came rolling in.

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