10 Illuminating Art Pieces from Pop Austin 2015

Austinot.com: A satellite exhibition at the F1 track featuring Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Micky Hoogendijk. See details below…

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Those with tickets to the races at Circuit of the Americas were able to check out the satellite art space. In this gallery, the variety of pieces more closely resembled what one might think of when hearing “pop” associated with art.

Though the rain poured down outside, the enthusiasm and love for art from Pop Austin founders and curators, Lana and Steve Carlson, shone some much-needed light.

Hoogendijk is a successful Dutch actress who creates beautiful and conceptual work. She looks for “stillness and vulnerability” in her photography subjects. These peaceful images draw inspiration from around the world, but were created right here in Austin.

Working on a large scale comes naturally to Hoogendijk, which she expressed while pointing out her height. The largeness of her pieces gives them additional strength.